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  1. "Final submit" koribo gole "connection error" dekhai ase. Trying to apply since monday ?

  2. Final submit hoise muru..but reprint the application form koribo jaote..home page tu ahi jai

  3. Moi apply kariso but mor documents khini agote scan Kari thoa camscanner app at scanning documents but submit hoi goise kiba problem haba neki mor janabason documents khinir pora

  4. I dnt understand why I can't use my cell phone for this form fillup .As everyone knows the situation of Assam they should make the site applicable from any device .

  5. i am trying to fill up the online application since morning but the site is not working….. please help us in this regard… above all this app is really helpful and time saving. i wish all the team members of this app a very bright and successful life ahead keep the good work going… Society will bless u.

  6. Assistant Enforcement Inspector, Enforcement Checker, & grade 4 post bor Disability person bore koribo paribo ne???